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Socrates and Your Job Search

by admin on April 13, 2009

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes discusses the importance of looking for new ways of doing things.

Harrison believes that questioning assumptions, consistently doing new things and finding new ways to search are among the most important things one can do in a job search. The more you embrace new methods of looking for jobs, the better off you will be.

You need to be aware that whatever assumptions you have about the way you should be looking for a job may be doing you a tremendous amount of harm. These assumptions need to be questioned, and you need to ensure that in questioning these assumptions, you realize that they may be limiting you.

Your job search and your career are too important to allow yourself to be stuck in one way of thinking. You need to open your mind and ensure that you do everything within your power to think about your job search in a way that gives you more opportunities and not fewer.

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