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Flow Your Ego and Your Career

by admin on May 11, 2009

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes discusses the significance of being totally involved in your work.

There are some individuals who continually find happiness in their work. They are completely involved and focused in the work they are doing. Such people, according to Harrison are in a state of flow where they forget themselves, the time, and their problems. They are able to complete tasks with very little effort.

People who are able to enter a state of flow do their work unconcerned with power or titles, personal recognition, profit, or competition. This may sound like an incredible state to be in; however, this is a state that numerous people are able to enter into when they truly love something. Harrison believes that the ability to remain in flow and egoless is one of the greatest determinants of being successful.

Ego comes into picture when we start identifying materialistic things as an extension of ourselves. We are never satisfied. As we grow older our desires keep increasing. We are all a part of this madness. All this is related to the drive that all of us have on both a conscious and subconscious level to somehow add to who we are by possessing or associating with something outside ourselves, such as an object, person, place or title.

The people who experience the most problems in their careers are those who are more concerned with being recognized, paid and getting more and more–rather than the work they do. They never learn to truly appreciate the work we they doing. Others in the workplace are viewed as competitors, and not people to cooperate with unless there is a secondary motive. If the employer is not viewed as prestigious in the market, these persons will feel personally hurt deep down because their ego is tied up in the employer. Their identity is in their employer and they are not necessarily one with their work.

You need to step back from your ego and realize that no employer and no job can ever fulfill your ego. Your greatest satisfaction in your career and life will come when you are able to be one with your job and what you are doing.

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