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Marketing Secret of Successful Job Applicants

by admin on May 20, 2009

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes emphasizes the importance of positioning yourself well to be successful in your career.

USP is one of the most effective marketing tools. Harrison firmly believes that just as a USP is extremely important to sell a product, in the same way, your USP plays a pivotal role in marketing you to potential clients.

Your USP is that unique aspect about you which sets you apart from other job seekers. It is the reason why an employer would choose you over other candidates. Even before creating a resume, you must be very clear as to what your USP is, because that is essentially what you are offering to any employer. A lot people, according to Harrison, have never thought about their USPs. Such people offer a rudderless, nondescript candidacy that is market dependant.

How you focus your USP is critical. You need to focus your USP on one particular niche that the market needs. But though you are customizing your USP, you need to also ensure that you are capable of delivering what you promise. Your USP is the nucleus around which you will get a job and define your career. It needs to be strong and persuasive. Clearly conveying and marketing your USP will ensure your success in the job market.

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