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Scarface and the Passion of New Immigrants to the United States

by admin on May 25, 2009

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes discusses the importance of will power, passion and being really excited about what we want to achieve.

Harrison gives the example of Scarface, a fascinating movie, to highlight the power of the will in order to accomplish things – however impossible they may seem. Scarface is the success story of an immigrant who came to America with nothing and went on to become a hugely powerful, wealthy and successful person. Harrison feels the story of Scarface is the story of every American whose ancestors came as immigrants and by pure grit and hard work they made their place. When new immigrants come to America they are hungry- hungry to succeed- and fight all odds to become successful. However, their children and future generations do not share their hunger and passion and consequently are less successful than their forefathers.

Harrison gives a number of other instances to demonstrate that recent immigrants to the United States work much harder than people who have been here much longer.

Harrison spurs all Americans to rekindle the spirit of their ancestors and get really hungry. People who left their homeland long back because of no avenues came to America with a hunger to succeed. They were excited about doing great things, about taking on the world and becoming someone. This spirit however, over generations, fades away along the line. Harrison advises you to get the spirit of the new immigrants to this country and get excited.

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Scarface and the Passion of New Immigrants to the United States by

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