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The Importance of Fitting In

by admin on May 27, 2009

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes discusses the importance of fitting in one’s work environment.

Harrison believes that the ability to fit in is one of the single largest contributors, in both getting and keeping a job. It is even more important than your skill levels. A lot of very highly qualified people start their careers on a real high. They are able to get into some of the most prestigious organizations. However if they are able to fit into the work culture of the organization, they stay and grow. Else they are forced to keep changing jobs. They end up blaming their career problems on circumstances which are actually self- imposed.

What exactly is fitting in? It is nothing but being comfortable in one’s work environ and making others around similarly comfortable. Fitting in means sharing a common set of beliefs and philosophies about the world. Employers want to hire people who will embrace, on philosophical and moral levels, their approach towards business and the world.

Harrison points out that the drive to succeed for certain people, dictates that they only go to the hiring organizations that are the most universally recognized as the best. The concept of fitting in is so often ignored, when it is the most important aspect to consider.

Harrison strongly feels that your happiness and the success of your career depend on the ability to recognize when you fit in and when you do not.

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