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Organization Culture Matters Most

by admin on May 28, 2009

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes discusses the importance of organization culture and how it relates to ones career success and happiness.

Harrison believes that organization culture plays a great part in ones success and happiness in your career. In any business environment, when the employee and employer are on the same plane, success is much more likely. It becomes a mutually beneficial relationship.

In a lot of cases, employees tend to overlook the importance of work culture. They are rather more attracted by the name and prestige of the employer and what is offered in terms of compensation. While choosing an employer, it is extremely important to see whether you feel accepted in a community and whether people around you share the same goals and aspirations. Finding the right culture will allow you to find a job that won’t feel like work.

Harrison advises that when making a lateral move, it is important to select your employer based on your preference of work culture. Your preference of any work place could depend on a number of factors such as diversity issues there, ways of governance, employer location, its reputation in the market etc.

There may be a number of work cultures. But the key to defining job satisfaction is determining which culture suits you the best. As per Harrison, what is going to make the difference over time is not a $5,000 per year salary differential; it’s whether or not you feel comfortable and appreciated in a particular environment

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