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See Your Job and the World from the Bright Side and Not the Dark Side

by admin on June 3, 2009

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes discusses the importance of staying away from people with negative energy.

Harrison believes that in every organization, there are various employees who resent people who work hard, complain about just everything around them, blame other people for their lack of success, and do not take interest in enhancing their skills. These people are generally older employees, working with the company for years, who view the world in a negative way and are not enthusiastic about their jobs.

Meanwhile, the younger employees, who are generally quite enthusiastic about their jobs and the people they were working with, gets influenced with these older employees. They might start following their footsteps and ultimately end up losing their jobs. Harrison calls these older employees as cancers who can do tremendous harm to your career.

Having worked with such employees, Harrison advises you to stay away from such people and seek out for positive people at your workplace. You should seek out for people who are succeeding and already doing great things in their careers. These people can be found in every organization and can assist you in reaching your goals of constantly improving.

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See Your Job and the World from the Bright Side and Not the Dark Side by

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