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Be Resourceful

by admin on June 4, 2009

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes discusses how being resourceful can separate you from the ordinary people and help you achieve just about anything in your life and career.

Harrison believes that the economic meltdown is the best time to take advantage of your existing resources. He gives examples of renowned Americans, including Henry Ford, Sam Walton, and Steve Jobs, who figured out how to be resourceful, looked at the existing way things were done, and improved upon them.

Harrison explains the “deficit-based thinking” of various people who fail to take advantage of their existing resources and, instead, sit around feeling as if they cannot do things in a certain way due to various limitations. If you think about successful people in the world, most of them had the ability to be resourceful. He advises you to concentrate on your resources to achieve success.

Harrison enunciates various ways by which you can take advantage of your resources and increase your odds of getting a job even during an economic downturn. He believes that regardless of the economy, there are various industries and geographic locations which are thriving. You need to grab these opportunities and do everything within your power to be resourceful in your job search, life, and career.

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