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Persist Until You Succeed

by admin on June 12, 2009

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes cites a famous quote about persisting until you succeed.

Through Og Mandino’s lines, Harrison emphasizes the importance of trying till the very end. You may face failure at every step of your endeavor, but it actually only brings you closer to your goal. Those who surrender when faced by failures, never really get a chance to turn the corner and reach their destination. It is your will-power and your endurance which ultimately decides whether you will be successful or not.

What Harrison quotes, underlines the strength of the mind. The strength to be tested continuously in life; the strength to face obstacles; the strength to reject the feeling of disappointment; the strength to believe that success lies ahead no matter how far; and the strength to persevere right until your destination has been reached.

To be successful, it is vital that you be patient and take one step at a time. The focus should entirely be on the end result. No negative thoughts or feelings should cross your mind. Having faith in the fact that you ‘WILL’ be successful, no matter how long the time, or how difficult the path, will undoubtedly lead you to your goal. With this quote, Harrison stresses on the fact that things don’t happen overnight. What you must remember always, is to never give up, for hundreds of strokes will fell a mighty oak, and thousands of bricks will be built to a pyramid, and millions of rain drops will wash a mountain away. So all you need is a little faith in yourself and the persistence to see you through.

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