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You Are Never Too Good to Stop Learning

by admin on June 19, 2009

EmploymentScape Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes discusses the importance of continual education, which aids in the all-round development of the self.


You are never too old for learning, it is never too late for learning, and you really don’t know so much that you should ever stop learning. Harrison believes that learning is like breathing. With every step you take towards educating yourself, you are actually carving out a life structure which is deep, broad, and has ample opportunity for growth. Knowledge can empower you to become better, faster, and stronger in everything you do, and the biggest mistake you could ever make is to think that you know enough.

Citing the examples of people like Joe Sugarman, a renowned copywriter, and Claude Hopkins, one of the greatest marketing strategists of all time, Harrison points out the fact that everyone appreciates a knowledgeable person and feel comforted by those who have taken the time to understand what they are doing and are constantly learning. Both these individuals understood the value of education and also the value of educating the public.

It is of prime importance that you learn, apply your learning to your work, and allow yourself to reach your full potential. Nothing is more important than education and this one piece of advice from Harrison could literally change your career and life forever.

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