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Understand Your Ultimate Goal

by seo on June 22, 2009

Harrison strongly believes that happiness comes from inside and not outside. Happiness is inside of you and never requires any sort of external intervention. We are all born with happiness but very soon we get seduced by the outside world and start believing that it is only external things that can make us happy. The reason Harrison focuses so much on happiness is because the happier you are the better you will do in your career.

Managing how you feel about yourself and your life is probably the greatest skill you can have. Refusing to be negative is a skill that really can help you accomplish a great deal in your life and career. You need to feel good about yourself and how you feel about yourself is most often determined by the meanings you give to circumstances and the world around you. You need to use contrasts to make yourself feel good and not bad. Contrast is one of the most important tools you can possibly use in your psyche and it will change your life.

We decide that to be happy we must be rich, lose 10 pounds, have a certain mate, or drive a certain type of car. We allow ourselves to be paralyzed by rules that are difficult if not impossible for us to ever meet and this prevents us from ever being happy. So many people out there are paralyzed by rules like this. Relaxing these rules would change their lives forever.

Stop externalizing your happiness with rules, conditions and more that will continually make you unhappy. Instead, you need to adopt a belief for your life and career that defines success as simply being happy and failure as not being happy. Your life is too important not to be happy. Change your mind and you will change you life.

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