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Get Security by Concentrating on the Needs of Your Employer

by seo on June 25, 2009

EmploymentScape’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes as he discussed how stability and security is important in our jobs and our lives and how one can ensure that.

Most of us crave for stability and security in our lives and our careers. How we define security is unique to each of us, but this is something we all have a need for. It is among the most important needs we have as human beings.

Harrison believes that there is no such thing as employment stability and certainty in your job. The stunning unemployment numbers are a sign that we should never take our future security lightly. Things can change, and any and all security you currently feel could be gone in a heartbeat. Regardless of how secure you think your job is, regardless of the quality of your education, you do have reason to potentially be concerned with what is about to happen in the economy.

Where does this leave you? What about your security?

In order to experience the security you are seeking, you need to focus on the needs of others. Focusing on your own security is something that is often counterproductive. There is a chance you could lose any job that you are doing, even after having done the job for decades. We are going into a frightening economy where a lot of bad stuff is about to happen. It will be, in many respects, a true survival of the fittest. The fittest are, and always have been, the ones who are providing the most value. They are anticipating and catering to the needs of other and, due to this, they are staying ahead of the game.

You need to give your job your all and be seen as a productive unit that is working on behalf of your employer and creating immense value. Not the opposite. This is the only way to true security.

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Get Security by Concentrating on the Needs of Your Employer by

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