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10 Powerful Lessons from a Turkish Rug Trader

by seo on June 26, 2009

EmploymentScape’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes as he shared with you his experiences with Turkish rug traders. Harrison believes that the selling techniques he learnt could translate into strategies to get potential employers interested in you and consider you for possible hire.

• In order to grab an employer’s attention, one should put forward one’s best skills. You need to convey to employers your strongest points in order to compel them to hire you. Never hold back. Tell people what you are capable of.

• Keep an eye out for every potential opportunity out there. Opportunities present themselves to people who are looking for them.

• As a job seeker, you need to always look professional and at your very best. The quality of the persona you put forward will determine the presumed quality of what you have to offer a potential employer.

• Never interrupt someone in an interview. Let whomever you are talking to finish whatever they are going to say. People hate being interrupted.

• You need to take every opportunity to compliment your interviewers. This serves to lessen the tension and creates an atmosphere of goodwill between you and the interviewers. However, remember that the compliments should be relevant and sincere. Else, you are doing yourself harm.

• You need to go out of your way to educate your potential employers about yourself and your strengths. The more people learn about something, the more they come to appreciate it.

• It is exceptionally important to bond with potential employers. They need to understand that you are human. The more human you look and the more you bond with a potential employer, the better off you will be.

• You need to convey to your potential employers that you can and will trust them. Negotiating aggressively over finer remuneration details can often result in your missing out on a great opportunity.

• The more you love what you do the more meaningful your career will be. Remember that whatever you do for a living supports you and gives your life a meaning.

• Finally, you need to convey long term value to current and potential employers. Your association with them should be priceless.

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