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How You Handle Chaos Will Determine Your Success Or Failure

by seo on July 1, 2009

EmploymentScape’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes as he discussed how chaos can help you grow.

Harrison believes that you can only grow if you are willing to subject yourself to, and tolerate chaos and confusion. In fact, the ability to create and manage chaos is one of the most formidable skills anyone can have. If you understand how to work with chaos, you will always experience success in your career. Great things come from chaos.

There are never good long-term benefits to incredible order. You need to have disorder to see opportunities and grow. The best thing about chaos and increased input in our environment is that it rapidly forces reorganization. The reorganization that comes out of this is something that gives you the capacity to handle more chaos in the future and also enables you to function at a higher level.

People generally want predictability, and they want things to work a certain way. However, in our lives, we are constantly faced with incredible amounts of chaos and disorder. Our persistent search for order often results in missed opportunities, and the inability to tolerate chaos is something that can harm you. The best ideas and the best processes, come directly out of chaos. You can use chaos to your advantage to make things happen. People who are constantly seeking order are short-changing themselves. Expose yourself to disorder and chaos, and this will force you to grow.

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