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The Universe is Structured to Have Inequalities

by seo on July 2, 2009

EmploymentScape’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes as he discussed how accepting inequalities is the secret to happiness.

The universe is structured to have inequalities. However, instead of accepting these inequalities, most of us resist the inequalities and fight against them. The act of fighting against the inequalities consumes energy, makes us unhappy and ultimately causes us an incredible amount of unnecessary stress that we could instead channel into something far more productive.

In your career, if you put your energy into doing the best with the tasks before you and not resisting them, you will do far, far better than if you constantly compare and contrast. The ability to experience and be in the here and now with what you are doing is incredibly empowering. It will change your life.

Careers and lives are controlled to a large extent by how we think of ourselves and perceive ourselves. If we allow ourselves to make contrasts with others and external conditions, we will never experience joy and fulfillment and, ultimately, we will be held back.

All around us, there is tremendous and permanent inequality between people, places and things. The universe is simply ordered in such a way that there is always going to be a tremendous amount of inequality. We cannot change the inequality and it is always there no matter what we do.

Accept inequality and move forward in the world with an awareness of it and acceptance that it is simply part of the natural order of things.

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