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The Solution to Problems Lies within Each Problem

by seo on July 3, 2009

Career Mission CEO, Harrison Barnes, as he discussed about the need to find a solution to problems instead on dwelling on them.

All of us in the world face problems. There is hardly anyone who has not faced a problem in life. However, different people manage problems differently. While some are easily able to manage their problems and move on in life, a large many of us are consumed by our problems and spend a good amount of our waking time worrying about them. In fact, many of us will create problems if none exist. If we were to divert all the time and energy spent in worrying about problems into productive pursuits, a lot more could be achieved.

Harrison believes that it is not the problems per se which are actually important. Rather, it is how you respond to the problems that will create your destiny. Most of our problems are based on assumptions or our perceptions of what things are. More often than not these assumptions or perceptions are simply not true. The more we give ourselves in to these assumptions, the more problems we create for ourselves.

Harrison observes that the basis for these assumptions is often our own past experiences. The past has a way of projecting itself on our present. You need to break away from the fear and shackles of the past if you want to enjoy your present and future. When you are comfortable with your past, there is no conflict. Nothing can trouble you then. Harrison believes that when we are confronted with problems, our reactions are based on a fear of some past experience. This fear creates a sort of charge within us. Instead of reacting to this charge, what we need to do is sit back and experience the charge. When we do so, the charge dissipates.

Harrison concludes by saying that life constantly sends us challenges in the form of problems. It depends on us whether we make these challenges work for or against us. When faced with problems, our goal should be to clarify the true nature of what we are facing. This clarity removes conflicts, saves energy and makes you more efficient.

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