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Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Suffering and Your Career

by seo on July 7, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes as he talked about the need to balance the various sufferings we experience in the world, in order to lead lives of fulfillment.

Suffering is a fact of life and cannot be ignored. There are three types of suffering: physical, psychological and spiritual. Harrison advises a balance among these three forms of suffering so that we do not experience any one of them in too great a proportion to the others. It is by balancing the suffering we are experiencing in the world that we are able to live lives of fulfillment.

The connection between physical, psychological and spiritual suffering is incredibly interesting in many respects, and understanding this connection is highly relevant to finding satisfaction in your career and life. For example, if you are suffering psychologically in your job you may find yourself experiencing physical suffering by getting sick all the time. If the work you are doing does not fulfill you on a spiritual level, you may experience psychological suffering. All three forms of suffering are constantly going on in our careers and lives at all times. We should strive to be physically, psychologically and spiritually fit at all times.

Harrison stresses upon the fact that nothing is ever perfect in the world, or in our own lives. If we are in good health physically, there is always a chance that we are experiencing some type of suffering deep down on a psychological or spiritual level. The best we can hope for is a middle ground where no suffering is too great. Physical suffering is generally the easiest to deal with. Psychological suffering is the next easiest and among all of the forms of suffering, spiritual suffering is the hardest to accept. Your career and life will experience an incredible transformation when you are able to balance the three.

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