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The Importance of Unlearning

by seo on July 9, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes as he discussed the importance of unlearning to help us move ahead and grow in our careers and lives.

Most of us believe that the more we learn the more we grow. Harrison however believes that one of the most important forms of growth we can undertake is unlearning. All learning we do, in a sense involves unlearning. The more we can unlearn, the more likely we are to experience the sense of growth and progress we so desire.

Letting go is unlearning. Imagine how much more productive your life would be if you could unlearn many of the beliefs and behaviors that have caused you so much stress. You and your life would be utterly and completely transformed. This would result in an incredible sea change in the way you approach and live your life.

Your life is going to change when you learn how to channel energy that was formerly being consumed with unproductive anger and tension, into something productive. In our job searches and careers, most of us are continually feeling one tension after another. We have all sorts of defensive behaviors that we have learned over a period of time. Fearing something is one such behavior that many of us should analyze more deeply in ourselves and in some cases unlearn because it can keep us from moving forward towards our goals.

All unlearning is basically learning. We need to unlearn the various assumptions that cause suffering. The greatest threat to our happiness and lives is failing to properly integrate our own inadequacies. When we embrace our shortcomings, something beautiful happens. Embracing the real issue gives us freedom.

Learning and unlearning can bring you true joy, as long as you pay attention to the “here”. Learning is the ability to laugh at yourself.

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