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Being Who You Want to Be

by seo on July 16, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes discussed the importance of embracing’s one’s individuality.

The strongest force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define and view ourselves. In order to survive and to be loved and appreciated, we believe that we need to stay the same at all times. However, according to Harrison trying to be one personality all the time will make you unhappy. You need to appreciate all the multiple qualities of your personality. They are what make your being unique, and needed on this earth.

We all have multiple personalities. However, many of us are extremely unhappy overall because we never allow ourselves to be all of our different personalities–to experience all the possibilities of who we are and how we feel. There is a tremendous pressure to conform. The concepts of conformity and the expectation of being “perfect” cause us much pain True perfection is nearly impossible to achieve.

Harrison advises you to explore and embrace your individuality. It is your strength. Your career and your life are too short. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks about you, and worry about what you think about you. Don’t be imprisoned by others’ expectations for you. In order to be truly happy you need to make sure that you are everything you want to be–your own person.

We often come to respect and endear people most who have learned to let their originality and true selves flow outward. So do this: Let it flow. Let the world see what you have to offer, and it shall embrace your uniqueness.

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