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Sharing of Information

by seo on July 24, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes discussed how it helps to share information.

Harrison believes that all of the incredible progress we have made in the United States with the Internet has been based on the importance of the sharing of information. Our entire careers, families and everything else have been changed by this sharing of information. In fact Internet was started and based around the idea of sharing information.

We have computers in our homes. Social networks have become incredibly popular and powerful, and these are all based on the idea of sharing of information. Our run away businesses, the ones that have become cultural icons: Google, EBay, Amazon, ITunes, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and so forth are all based on the sharing of information, and the human desire to obtain it.

Harrison however is concerned with the current trend in information sharing through the net. What he feels should be freely and most readily available is sort of hidden. In fact, one needs to shell out money to get the relevant information. More and more people these days seem to be hiding information rather than sharing it.

Harrison is convinced that sharing of information is what is winning in the world and it is where things are headed. And this holds true for your careers as well. The world values the sharing of information. Do not play games and waste your energy hiding information from others. In reality, the more you share, the more will come back to you. When you share information at work with your coworkers you will be respected. When you share information about yourself with your friends and others they will like you better. What wins in the world and what will win for you is the sharing of information.

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