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Attitude and Your Career

by seo on July 30, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes discussed how being totally honest and sincere with your work helps you succeed in life.

According to Harrison the greatest thing that makes people successful, is their ability to act promptly, concentrate their energies, and get something done. It is all about attitude. A good attitude and taking pride in what one does is the most important attribute anyone can possess. He compares this attitude with the initiative of a soldier called Garcia who was assigned a difficult task of delivering a message and he completes this difficult task without any questions.

People who have inspired Harrison the most on the road to success are those who became successful despite not having all the advantages. When you read biographies of successful people you will often find that they have overcome incredible obstacles including those like dyslexia, illness, various handicaps, and abuse.

However, not many people put their heart and soul into the work. They may not be completely upset, yet they always have a certain amount of resentment, which carries over into everything they do. They are mostly indifferent. They misdiagnose and never complete a task with any passion. They are simply not present.

No one respects people who do half-hearted work. We want to work with people who care about their jobs and put their heart and soul into it. Such persons gain the respect of people, never loses a job and who are, paradoxically, often the happiest in everything they do.

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