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The Most Valuable Work Is Work That Repeats Itself

by seo on August 6, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes discussed how it is important to go for jobs that offer repeat work.

Harrison believes that it is important to always have repeat work, over and above those handsome one-offs. According to him companies fail and people fail due to the fact they are not getting “repeat work”. When it comes to judging the ultimate value of any job, there is nothing more important than the possibility of generating repeat work.

The most important thing for you in your job is to have access to cash as well as, cash that flows. You cannot get a mortgage in most cases unless you can prove that you have access to work that repeats itself. Banks do not want to take the risk that you will not be able to pay them over the long term. They will generally only give you a mortgage when you prove you have access to steady cash flow. Work that repeats itself is liberating because it gives you more options and control over your life and the things you can do. Regardless of whether you are working for some big corporation, you need to find work that repeats itself.

There are always going to be numerous temptations for various types of jobs and work that do not repeat themselves. Work that does not repeat itself, however, is the most dangerous sort of work there is, because there is no long term fulfillment in it. Seek and cherish work that does repeat itself. Even a much lower salary and work that does not on the surface look appealing can be a very worthwhile job if it offers work that repeats itself.

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