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The Incredible Power Available to You

by seo on August 14, 2009

Career Mission’s CEO, A Harrison Barnes discussed the importance of realizing and harnessing the potent power all around us.

Way back till the late 1800s, tomatoes were considered a poisonous fruit in the United States. It was only when Cortez ate a bushel of tomatoes in front of a large gathering that the myth was shattered. Harrison says that all of us are similarly limited by such beliefs and understanding of the universe that we impose upon ourselves.

Harrison believes that there are abundant opportunities all around us which we just have not conceived of before. This opportunity is nothing but a state of mind which can make you achieve anything if only you believe in it. Harrison elucidates on the Kabbalah philosophy to get across his point. According to the Kabbalah philosophy, your mind can create whatever result you want from anything, and your beliefs about the way things are is what shapes reality. In short the mind creates limits for the body and if the mind is conditioned anything can be achieved.

The four minute mile race was considered impossible by any human till one day the record was broken by Roger Bannister. Once this record was broken, hundreds of others went on to achieve this. Which just goes to say that once the human mind accepts something as a possibility, it can achieve it. Harrison also talks about stories from India about people who live for years together without food or water. These people derive their nourishment from the air and sunlight around them and from the energies that surround them.

Everything we need and could possibly want is already around us and our limits in terms of who we are and who we can become are largely products of our own mind. There is incredible power which is available out there in the universe that we only need to capture in order to achieve what we want in the world. Anything you believe is possible can become possible just based on your belief. There is far more potential in the world, in you, and around you than you realize. Capture it now.

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