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The Power of Perception

by seo on August 17, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes discussed the power of perception.

According to Harrison, one of the most powerful and important aspects of our careers and our lives is how we are perceived by others and how we control our own perceptions of those around us. People can use perceptions to their advantage or to their disadvantage. The most successful people are able to use perceptions to their advantage.

Many people feel that their job search and the quality of the job they get is a battle of their résumé, and that their entire future depends on what is visible on their résumé. For example, people who go to the best colleges often assume they will get a much better job than those who go to lesser colleges. People who have the best work experience believe they will generally get the best job. There is a tremendous amount of truth to this reasoning; however, more important than any of this is how we are perceived.

You need to realize the power of perceptions in your life, and to use them to your advantage. Aim to control, shape and influence the perceptions that others have about you. Consciously work to create the image you will project to those around you. Perceptions are often far more important than facts. You will get a better job due to how you are perceived over and above how good your résumé is. The most important thing you can do in your life and career is make perceptions work for you.

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