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You Need to Offer Hope

by seo on September 9, 2009

EmploymentScape’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, talked about how hope is what we all look for, eventually.

He weaves in stories from different walks of life to illustrate the importance hope plays in our lives. Speaking about his step father who is in a terminal stage of cancer, Harrison explains how his parents believed in almost anything that offered them hopes of a cure. This included medicinal potions as well as a piece of wood believed to have been part of the Cross Jesus died on. He recalls how no price seemed high enough for the hope they had of his stepfather surviving the cancer.

Harrison draws from the lives of people like Barbara Bush to emphasize the importance of how some of the more successful people actually offer more by way of hope. He also speaks of how certain services will sell more because celebrities endorse it. As an example of this, he speaks of a concept called energetic rebalancing that speaks of healing the human body by balancing the energy frequencies of our body. He starts believing in the curing properties when he sees an endorsement for the program by the actress Courtney Cox.

The magic word here is hope and the ability to convince someone fallen on difficult times of the fact that things will change for the better. For job seekers, it is important to understand that recruiters are much more interested in hearing about what you can do for the company, if hired. When candidates present their credentials during an interview, by rounding it off with what they would bring to the company, they are offering hope. Harrison feels this is the one quality that can help a recruiter choose you over other applicants.

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