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Do Not Trust Appearances

by seo on September 10, 2009

CareerMission’s Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes, as he discussed the importance of looking beneath the surface and how in doing so you will always find a reason not to be intimidated. Harrison relays one particular incident where he visited Deep Springs College and took with him the valuable lesson that sometimes there is more than meets the eye. You cannot let yourself become intimidated by people who appear more qualified or competent than you in your job search, career and life. You never know what is beneath the surface and what strengths you may have over a competitor.

Each day people are faced with situations where they are made to feel insecure or not as qualified as other people. Harrison points out that everyone has strengths and weaknesses-some people are just better at masking their weaknesses. Citing examples of political figures who have maintained an appearance of dignity and morality, who then later are exposed to have committed criminal acts and engaged in extramarital affairs, Harrison states how important it is to realize that the competition is not always as perfect as it may appear.

You can not let yourself be discouraged by those you encounter who seem flawless. Do not miss out on opportunities because you are intimidated by other people. You never know what hidden weakness or flaw someone may have, or what value your hidden strengths may be to an employer. Harrison concludes by saying,

Do not be intimidated by, or trust appearances. No one is better than you. Everyone has secrets. Go forward in your life like you belong anywhere you want to be. You can do and be whoever you want to be. It is your life.

He believes that everyone has the potential for greatness, but in order to reach that potential you must not allow others to intimidate you and cause you to miss valuable opportunities.

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