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You Need to be Seen as the Cure

by seo on September 11, 2009

EmploymentScape’s Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes, as he discussed the importance of being ‘the’ answer to your employer’s problems. Harrison narrates several incidences about his attempts to conquer the innumerable obstacles that came between him and his avid interest in skiing, and how it all relates to the very fact that employers need solutions to their problems, and you could probably be the only answer.

Each day, employers constantly face new challenges and are almost always battling through high tides. Harrison points out that if you give in your best effort in the work you do, you will actually be offering the right ‘cure’ for the situation in question. Citing the examples of the employee at Macy’s, the tow truck, the helpers from Howes, the designer, and the ATV, which were the only available solutions, Harrison states how important it is to become the cure which employers really need.

You are an important part of the entire work scenario and your contributions could well be the only answer to numerous problems. You need to understand your place and the importance you have, and how much your employers depend upon you. Harrison concludes by saying, “Become the cure – not the cause of your employer’s struggles”. He believes that your words and your actions could lead you to become a valuable asset to your employer.

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