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Supermodels, Your Body and Your Mind

by seo on September 16, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes, as he discussed the importance of caring for your mind. Harrison in this article, beautifully explains how mental fitness is equally, if not more, important than physical fitness. You need to take the health of your minds extremely seriously and work towards taking it forward and not backward.

Success as Harrison clearly puts it, is the result of a healthy mind – a mind which is growing in a positive direction and thinking about the good things in life. Despite the fact that it is so important, people often neglect the state of mind. When this happens, people rarely lead happy or successful lives. They are drowned in depression, hatred, dissatisfaction, anxiety, all for the prime reason that they do not manage their minds well. Citing the examples of Gia Carangi and Cindy Crawford, Harrison states that the failure of one and the success of the other as supermodels were mainly because of the mere difference in the ability to control the mind and act in a stable manner.

You need to pay great attention to your mind and understand how best to operate it. Successful people are those who know how to manage their minds and tune it towards improvement. It is your mind which gives you the strength that you require to overcome obstacles and succeed and it is the mind which will make the distinguishing factor between you and the rest of the world. In conclusion, Harrison states that the mind controls everything around you and that which decides your experiences, your relationships, your achievements or failures, your very existence. You need to take really good care of it.

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