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The Importance of Productivity, Focus and Measurement

by seo on September 21, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes, discussed the importance of productivity at work. By remaining focused on your work, you will be more productive. Employers like to keep productive employees around. An employer who measures employee productivity will likely be successful and his/her employees will not have to worry about losing their jobs for arbitrary, non-merit based reasons.

Citing examples of good students versus less successful students, Harrison Barnes stresses the importance of knowing where you stand and what you need to do to remain focused and keep productivity up. Just as is true in an academic setting, your career requires you to be productive. Job security and advancement is best achieved when you know how you measure up, and based on that measurement, how you keep your focus on being productive.

In conclusion, Harrison explains that there is nothing more important in your job than productivity. Without it, you will lose direction in your job. And ultimately, if you are not measuring your productivity, you will lose direction in your career.

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