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Run Your Career Based on Facts and Statistics ? Not Opinions

by seo on September 22, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes, discussed the importance of making decisions based on facts and statistical figures rather than opinions. Harrison believes that it is always smarter and more productive to base your decisions on hard, concrete facts and figures.

Opinions are fickle and are ever changing. They are created by a few individuals and are almost always biased. For instance, due to the opinion people had on Bernard Madoff, many lost their entire life savings, educational institutions lost major portions of their endowments, and the overall loss suffered was immense and widespread. Even historically, people have very often relied heavily upon false opinions, prejudices, and held dearly as to what was ‘possible’. Moreover, many wars have stemmed from considering opinions above facts. Hence, the danger of running your career, life and finances based on opinions rather than facts is very pronounced.

In conclusion, Harrison states that the use of statistics is generally affirmed over the use of opinions. We resent people who have obtained an undeserved status, one which has come solely from the opinion of others and not from the undeniable quality of their work. Thus, the failure to use statistics can be detrimental to you in both your career and life.

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