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Your Success is a Product of the Procedures You Follow

by seo on September 23, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes, discussed the importance of following the correct procedure. Harrison states that the procedures you follow invariably determine the success or failure in your lives or in your careers.

It is crucial to understand the importance of procedures in your lives. When procedures, rules, and regulations are followed in society, the society is said to be a ‘civilized society’. The lack of it has disastrous consequences on society and leads to its breakdown. Revolutions and other social movements are typically caused or accompanied by a lack of procedure in the society. Once you become adults you are expected to come up with certain procedures and rules that allow you to succeed. Procedures are limitless and have a tremendous role to play in your life as an individual. For many, this is a huge challenge and great attention must be given to it.

Harrison believes that success is, for most part, based on the power of the procedures that you follow. Your ability to come up with various procedures and to modify these procedures to suit your individual goals and lifestyle ends up having a massive impact on your success or failure in life. You need to investigate and critically analyze the procedures you are following. The procedures then must be strengthened or dropped or changed for new ones. The better your procedure, the better are your chances to progress in your career.

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Your Success is a Product of the Procedures You Follow by

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