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Tap Into Your Unseen Power

by seo on October 2, 2009

Career Mission Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar discussed an amazing concept of the presence of a hidden power within every person.

Untouched and hidden deep within each person is a power. Most persons are unaware of its existence and more often than not, do not understand why and how certain things happen to them. The woman who was twice struck by lightening in a crowded city within a short span of time is an excellent example of this concept. Every person has the power to attract either good or bad and in this girl’s case, she was attracting something bad, using this unseen power within her. It is extremely important to understand that certain unforeseen forces surround everyone and it is to the person’s disposal, as to how to use this power. Without realizing, people can use this to a positive or negative effect.

In conclusion, Harrison advises that you should not bear any limitations in your mind. You have this tremendous internal power to attract either good or bad, and with a little training of the mind, you could use this power to attract the good and refuse to recognize limitations of any kind. Being able to control your mind and hence this power, you can virtually accomplish anything you want. It is actually within your power to block out the voices in your head which pull you back from accomplishing your goals. It is certain that most of you could accomplish far more than you realize, and Harrison states that ‘the most powerful and the most successful people in the world are all those who are able to overcome these voices inside their heads, which tells them something cannot be achieved’.

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