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Help and Promote Expansion

by seo on October 9, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar discussed why you need to contribute towards your company’s expansion.

There is something about the concept of growth that is incredibly important to people, which is why people talk about it on an ongoing basis. There is a belief out there that if something is expanding it must be good, and if it is not expanding there must be something wrong with it. We expect companies and organizations to be growing because this indicates that the organization is being well received in the world.

Employers and all organizations are interested in those who can help them expand and grow. Everything for employers is about expansion. Everything for most religions and political parties is about expansion. Life is about expansion and to most of us the very ideas of expansion and growth seems necessary to our survival. True expansion only occurs when there is a “genuine” demand for the product or ideology seeking to expand; however, many people can create demand for a product or service by virtue of their skill.

Business is about expansion. Your job in every company, organization and so forth that you will ever work for is to be on the side of expansion. The more you can contribute to expansion and growth the more job security you will have. The more you can show a potential employer that you can help them expand, the more likely it is you will be hired. One of the most important keys to securing and holding a job is being on the side of and assisting with expansion. The more you can assist with expansion and can be seen as someone who will make this happen, the better career you will have.

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