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Believe in the Possibilities

by seo on October 12, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar discussed the role of inspiration to get zest back into the lives of people.

Most people in the job market need something else even more than they need a job. They need to get their zest back. Harrison believes that many people lose zest for their careers and life; it just disappears over the years as people work and experience various family, career and life changes–and challenges. Once it is gone, even if a person finds a new and better job, this zest will still be missing.

The greatest gift Harrison believes one can receive is inspiration. When we are inspired we can go out and accomplish anything. A job is just a job, but if you are inspired you can create whatever opportunity you want in the world. Inspiration is what changes everything and it is what will change your life–even more so than a new job.

Being inspired about what is possible is what can propel us to succeed in our lives and careers. Libraries, book stores and other places are filled with countless tools meant to inspire you. Seek out sources of knowledge and inspiration that will inspire you as to what is possible in your career and in your life.

You will only go as far in your life as you think you can. Most of us fail on this inside long before we fail on the outside. A person can go through hell, but if he or she knows on the inside that he/she is going to succeed and ultimately do amazingly well–then this person has nothing to worry about.

The road to the life you desire lies before you, you must simply pave it.

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