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Phony Accident Scenes, Ethics and Your Career

by seo on October 21, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar discussed the importance of ethics as an extremely vital part in building a career and making long term gains.

In this article, the ‘accident’ which Harrison talks about, the one which never really took place, is an eye-opener about shocking facts as to how many people adopt unethical methods of acquiring money. What Harrison wants you to understand is that there are no short cuts in life and if you may have just found one, it never really gets you anywhere. If you do gain anything from unethical ways, these gains can never bring long term success. Success should be looked at from the big picture – that which withstands difficulties, that which is a result of hard work, that which has developed and grown over a period of time, and that which has been earned sincerely. Only under such conditions can true success be earned.

There are a countless number of people out there who take chances to make quick money, use others as stepping stones to go ahead in life, do the wrong things for self satisfaction, undermine others, tell lies, cheat, abuse, and the list is endless. Such people never move ahead in life and their careers are never glorious stories of hard work, commitment, and sacrifices. Such people are never respected and trusted. Respect and trust from others are priceless and you need to earn them with your hard work and sincerity. Harrison believes that you need to create a life of meaning to gain success in your life and career and all that it needs is a lot of hard work.

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