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See the Connection, Not the Differences

by seo on October 29, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar discussed the importance of being connected to others and the world around you.

Each individual, place or thing that exists in the world is a result of a collaborative process and a combination of many interrelated elements. Citing the example of the ‘winged animal’, Harrison states how everyone, no matter which country or race, is connected to each other, and how everyone is in constant attempt to transcend others. The idea of animals (other than birds) having wings seems to be celebrated by virtually all civilizations. They represent freedom and the sense of becoming something more powerful, unique and enlightened than the real self.

The root cause to your problems and unhappiness is the need to transform, escape, and rise above everyone. Instead of feeling one with the world, people generally tend to separate themselves in their belief that they are better, smarter, wealthier, and so on. Most warfare, for instance, is the result of one group of people feeling separate from others. People compete with each other almost all the time and this attitude is harmful in gaining true happiness. In conclusion, Harrison advises on not differentiating between yourself and the world around you. He says that by doing this, ‘you can contribute to the world in a more pure way, leading you towards a more fulfilling and less separate existence.

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