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Do What You Want to Do, Not What You Think You Should Do

by seo on November 17, 2009

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar discussed the importance of living the life that you wish to live and being happy about the work you do.

Harrison cites the example of the two men who made millions of dollars and explains how you need to value yourself and your life, and do everything in your power to be happy. Just in their 40’s, both these men left everything they were doing simply to own gas stations on the New Jersey turnpike. Both took on new positions as gas station operators, wore jeans to work, and were extremely happy about what they had transitioned to. Reason being, all they wanted to do was to be happy.

One of the saddest facts about life is that most people are brainwashed into doing things and living certain types of lives. They are often made to follow rules to obtain careers and lives that they may not really want for themselves. Most often than not, people conform to the expectations of the world and ignore the needs of the inner self. Harrison believes that this is by far one of the biggest mistakes you could make. To be happy and successful and thrive and grow, you need to live the life you want to live and not how others expect you to live. The voices that you hear in your head about doing certain things to be done in a certain manner, are often not your own voice. In reality, it is most likely that you have been made to believe and have been taught to be and operate on a certain path.

In conclusion, Harrison suggests that you understand that life is short and you need to live it to the fullest. Whatever it might be that you want and whatever it may take, you need to fulfill yourself by fulfilling your real needs and wishes. Do what you love and enjoy and your life will be happy and complete.

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