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Helpers and Non-Helpers

by seo on January 4, 2010

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes, as he discussed the power of sharing and how it can completely transform your life and lead you to true happiness.

There are two types of people in the world – the helper and the non-helper. The helper is the kind of person who makes an effort to contribute to and help others through physical actions or thoughts, as well as communicate positive messages about others. On the contrary, non-helpers are more concerned about their immediate needs and what others can do for them. Such people make sure that their actions are calculated and that they receive more than what they give out. Moreover, if non-helpers do share, they only do so with conditions and wrong reasons. Harrison believes that choosing to be a helper or a non-helper will eventually have a major impact on the course of your life.

Drawing from the story of Marion Preminger, Harrison states that it is a great challenge to move from being perceived as non-helpers, to being perceived as helpers. The woman who had spent her entire life like a princess, chose to be a servant inside a hospital in Africa. She shifted her focus from herself to others, who had no ability whatsoever to reward her for her efforts. Marion discovered a new love for life as a helper, and she threw herself into it. Harrison believes that being a helper is more than just the things you do. It involves your intent, spirit, and where you are coming from deep within. The deeper your positive intent, the greater the helper you will be. Further, you can never fake to be a helper. People are sensitive to this and will eventually see through your actions. Your sharing attitude needs to come from within and be a bona fide part of you.

In your life and in your career, you need to create an abundance of positive energy coming towards you and it’s only possible if you distinguish yourself from the crowd and unlock the power of sharing and contributing. Jealousy, anger, and being judgmental will only take you further away from others and also from yourself. If you wish to be truly happy, you need to see others in a positive light, just like you would like yourself to be seen by others. You need to move towards caring about others which offers the hidden reward of making you care about yourself.

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