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Job Hopping: It is Always About You

by seo on January 5, 2010

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Barnes, discussed the dangers of job hopping and how it is always about you.

One of the various statistics about employment rates reveals that as many as 55% of employed people are always looking for a new job. This only means to say that a large proportion of the working population are psychologically not with their current employers but are looking outside their jobs. Changing a job is not wrong but job hopping definitely tells a different story. Job hoppers will generally be happy with a new job for a short while, and then soon realize that this is also not their dream job and the search for another job begins once more. Why does this happen and what exactly is the problem here? Many people constantly job hop due to the same primary reason. When this reason keeps repeating itself, Harrison believes that it has something to do with the person’s perceptions and attitude and not necessarily with their employers. A particular weakness is being ignored here and is holding them back from achieving their goals. Unless this weakness is addressed, the person never discovers the real problem, keeps blaming employers and work conditions, and continuously changes jobs. Another possible reason could be that advancing in a job is not a piece of cake and bears a whole range of challenges. Many people are not willing to take up such challenges and are comfortable simply taking a new job.

Whatever the basic problem, Harrison believes that you need to fix it. Fixing this small thing could change your life and career forever. You need to believe, understand and see the opportunities that are already present in your current job. Further, you need to focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. You will improve more in something you are good at, rather than in something that is a weakness. Make a minor yet substantial adjustment, address ‘that’ small problem, and you can advance in your career more than you have ever believed that you could possibly do.

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