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Do Not Be Influenced by Others’ Negative Opinions of You

by seo on March 15, 2010

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar discussed the importance of being appreciated at your job. He believes that the more positive affirmations you receive, the better you will typically become at your job.

For whatever reason, many people in this world are not appreciated for their work and are led to believe that they are incompetent and unworthy. Due to this, they feel a constant sense of inferiority. Harrison believes that those who are emotionally abused and not valued by their employers should seek other jobs. Criticism to the extent that it helps a person to improve, can be considered healthy. But if someone is abused severely to an extremely unhealthy level, then it should never be tolerated. Tolerating such abuse causes a great deal of harm and the negative messages that are passed on to you could eventually demoralize your self-esteem. You need to move away and place yourself in an environment which raises feelings of self-respect and gives you confidence to work better.

The degree to which you are appreciated, trusted, and supported for the work you do, is one of the most crucial factors that determines your success or failure in your career. Your emotional connection with your work environment is very important. You could be profoundly talented and have a wealth of abilities, but if you are not happy in your work place, all could go waste. Your happiness in your job, to a large extent, depends upon the way you are treated by your employers and peers. The more you are appreciated, the better you would get at your job front. Hence, you need to do everything within your power not only to take advantage of your skills, but also to put yourself in a situation wherein you will be appreciated. Your abilities merit profound appreciation and all you need is to be working for an employer that realizes this. You need to realize that you are an important person worthy of immense and genuine respect.

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