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Insider Trading, Ponzi Schemes, and Making the Most of Your Assets

by seo on March 16, 2010

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes discussed the importance of making the most of your assets.

If you look closely at many highly successful people, you will notice that they do little more than utilizing all of their assets. Harrison feels that everybody has assets – these could be in the form of people you know, information, charm, determination or even the ability to work as a team player. To be successful in life and in work, it is very important that you recognize and utilize all your assets as thoroughly as possible. However, it is equally important that your assets should be used in the right way and in an honest manner. If you look around at the number of insider traders, Ponzi scheme operators or other people into swindling, you will find that these people are very good at making the most of their assets – but they are dishonest. Harrison feels that by using their assets fully, these people have maximized their relationships, contacts and skills and made others believe in their faith in accomplishing what they want to.

When you sit down and make a note of your own assets, you might realize that you have far more than you probably thought you did. In fact, the more work you undertake, the more assets you will gain. You will meet new people, learn more about how certain things work, and understand different things better. These qualities in turn, add to your asset pool. Remember that the most successful people make the best use of their assets and this is the one thing that separates them from the rest of the people.

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Insider Trading, Ponzi Schemes, and Making the Most of Your Assets by

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