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Trust Your Intuition in Your Career and Life

by seo on March 19, 2010

Career Mission’s CEO, A. Harrison Barnes as he analyzed how our intuitions can influence and change our careers and lives.

Harrison believes that everyone has intuitions about various things everyday. These could be about improvements we seek within our own lives, or things we want to avoid. Areas in which we have intuitions include our relationships, careers, and finances. Significantly, our intuitions in most of these areas are right. There are numerous documented episodes where airline passengers have refused to fly on planes because they felt something bad was going to take place; in some cases, the planes actually crashed. While not of the same nature, everybody has strong and often powerful intuitions about events and circumstances surrounding their own lives. Further, everybody has weaknesses holding them back from achieving all that they set out to do. Knowledge of the existence of this weakness also comes through intuition. Most successful people listen to this intuition and follow it where they feel it is right.

Harrison feels it is important to connect with this intuition at all times in your life because it is more like the subconscious mind at work which is trying to guide you. Unknown to you, your mind is constantly picking up information from your surroundings through observation and conclusions. This information is often the basis for your intuitions and heeding it will lead to changes, often major ones. Admittedly, listening to your intuition may need you to pay a price; but not acting on it at all can lead to a far bigger loss.

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