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Bad Dancing, Submitting, and Surrendering

by seo on March 25, 2010

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar discussed the basic difference between submitting and surrendering, and how it is vital to be surrendering to your job and not submitting to it.

When you submit to something, it is a conscious decision on your part – you choose to do it. For instance you could choose to be close to someone, or you could choose to start applying yourself in something. On the other hand, if you choose to be in a relationship but you resist committing to it, then you have submitted to the relationship and not surrendered to it. When you submit, you do so as an act of weakness and in response to pressures around you. You are not really involved emotionally and the odds are very good that whatever you are resisting is holding you back. It is with resistance that you are a slave to a job, another person, or the life you are in. You let the life you really want to fester beneath the surface.

When you do not act in the way you want to, or in a way that is natural to you, there is going to be covert resistance, an inability to put forth your full effort. For instance, every time Harrison was forced to dance (which he disliked and resisted), he would dance half-heartedly, as an act of submission. Hence, it is extremely important to remember that by submitting, you are a mere victim and you do not really enjoy what you are doing. In order to love whatever it is that you do, you need to surrender yourself completely. This is the only way that you give in your best and reach your full potential. Hence, what you need to do here is to pick someone or something to which you can comfortably surrender to and then apply yourself completely to the game. You need to surrender and you will always have the career and the life you want.

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