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Avoid Creating “Fatal Friction”

by seo on March 31, 2010

Join A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of Career Mission as he analyzed fatal friction and why it is important to avoid creating it.

Have you ever been in a situation where you said or did something that upset people? Do you often find yourself in situations where you commit mistakes that end up hurting some people? Harrison recounts several personal situations where fatal friction was introduced unwittingly and how this ended up influencing his career forever. What is fatal friction? When something you say or do creates tension among you and others, and it has the potential to cause permanent trouble, it is fatal friction. Fatal friction should be avoided at all costs because it enters relationships undetected and can ruin your career and all future prospects forever. Moreover, it can be the result of an entirely unintentional remark or action; this unintended act can then precipitate tension that refuses to go away.

Fatal friction can cause you to appear as a troublesome professional. It could also paint you in a light where you are likely to never be respected again and may have difficulty forging trusting relationships with the involved people again. Moreover, you can never reach the successes you have chosen for yourself if you continue to create tensions that result in people feeling insulted or even threatened. It is of vital importance that you avoid creating fatal friction for yourself as well as avoid the people who create this kind of friction.

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