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Seven Reasons People Never Have the Successful Careers They Are Capable of

by seo on May 10, 2010

Career Mission’s Chief Executive Officer, A. Harrison Barnes, in a webinar talked about commitment and follow through as the most important components of success.

Why are some people successful in practically any given circumstance and some others are not? Through an intense study over a long period of time, Harrison observed that most people avoid doing certain simple things which are highly essential in becoming successful in their careers. For instance, people who do not reach their full potential are complacent; rely too much on the opinions of others; allow difficulties to turn into ruin; and associate negative things with being successful. Further, they do not make success a firm ‘must’; never associate positive things with being successful; never develop a strategy that works; nor follow through with their plans.

Harrison strongly believes that to be successful, you cannot be a dabbler. If you have decided to run those five miles everyday of your life, then you just must do it. You cannot allow yourself to get too comfortable, you should trust in your abilities, and you need to be resilient and never let negativities hold you back. Moreover, you should refuse to accept mediocrity; set goals and strategize the methods of accomplishing those goals; as well as monitor your progress to ensure that you reach your objectives. Keeping these things in mind will help you become the most successful person you are capable of being.

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Seven Reasons People Never Have the Successful Careers They Are Capable of by

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