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Soup Nazis, Insurance Investment Scams, Consumerism and Focusing on the Work

by seo on May 14, 2010

Career Mission’s CEO A. Harrison Barnes in a webinar analyzed the fact about how no one really cares how much money or prestige you want for yourself and that people basically care about whether or not you are creating value.

Harrison believes that the most important thing in your career should be the extent to which you create value. You need to be tremendously passionate about the work you do and be focused solely on what you contribute. Drawing on the example of a TV show, Harrison refers to the Soup Nazi, a fascinating character who was extremely focused on providing excellent soup. Although he worked in a strange manner and demanded adherence to strict rules from his customers, his, was the most sought-after and the best soup in Manhattan! The Soup Nazi is an example of someone with passion for his work, and he demonstrates what this passion can do for you. In contrast to him was the man who Harrison had once dined with. This man was so focused on money that it actually prevented him from ever reaching his full potential.

What Harrison is trying to say here is that you should never allow consumerism and money to dominate the passion for work. Instead, you should focus completely on the work itself and do everything within your power to create tremendous value. Care about your work on a deep emotional level and the meaning it has to you and to others. No one really cares about what your interests are. All they care about is what you can give back to them in terms of value. If you give importance to this factor, it will inevitably lead you to success.

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Soup Nazis, Insurance Investment Scams, Consumerism and Focusing on the Work by

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