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You Do Not Necessarily Need a New Reality

by seo on May 24, 2010

Career Mission’s CEO A. Harrison Barnes in a webinar talked about how you do not necessarily need a new reality; you need to believe you are complete and whole within yourself.

Harrison believes that there are many people out there who want to prove to you that you need to be guided. Most people harbor a feeling that they are born incomplete and need some kind of assistance to get through their life. In their quest for guidance, these people feel the need to worship someone; this could be a religious figure or a priest or guru. People may also worship the rich and famous, who in turn, have their own gurus. The Beatles had a guru as well, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Harrison feels all of these people are seeking answers on the state of their spirit, psyche and place in the world; eventually something that will “complete” them. Most religions of the world also give out a message that the world is unreal and that what we see is not reality at all; it is ‘maya’, or illusion. However, it is also suggested that there are different ways of being able to see through maya. These include looking inward and examining yourself, which is often a long-drawn process. Other ways could include practicing a certain form of Yoga several times a day, praying to a certain god in a certain manner, or attending and giving money to a church, temple, or guru.

While there are probably tens of thousands of methods that people may use to attain what they consider as nirvana, the quest may seem never ending. Harrison believes that you need to decide for yourself which method works best for you. An alternate to this exists as well; you can choose to let things remain the way they are. Harrison believes you need to keep your mind focused and believe that you are complete the way you are.

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