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Discover What You Do Best: We All Have Something 

by seo on May 27, 2010

A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of Career Mission, discussed the importance of discovering what you are truly good at.

Harrison states that everyone is good at least at one thing, and that if you figure out what your skill is and nurture it, you can become truly successful. To corroborate his viewpoint, Harrison gives an example of Greg, his friend from school.

Greg was a “nobody” in school. A true underperformer, he was not good at studies or sports or, in general, anything that could make him popular at school. Further, he seemed a little depressed and could not even hold a decent conversation with anyone. However, after spending a day with him, Harrison realized that Greg was a pretty nice guy. Years later, when he met Greg again, he realized that Greg was a completely different person. He was confident, more likeable, and more talkative.

What brought this change was that Greg was really good at music. No one at school knew this, but Greg used to go to the local music store and practice. In fact, he was so good at music that he landed a recording contract in Los Angeles and was moved to the city the second he was discovered. After 25 years, when Harrison looked up Greg, Greg had a very successful music career and was famous all over the world.

Most people do not know what they are capable of or who they will become. Each person has some innate skill that they are blessed with, and this needs to be shared with the world. So, all you need to do is discover the skill that you have and hone it to perfection. If you are doing what you love doing and are talented in it, success will come along with happiness, security, and enjoyment.

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