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Goal Setting

by seo on June 7, 2010

A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of Career Mission, in a webinar discussed the importance of goal setting.

Harrison states that goal setting is an extremely important aspect of one’s career. How you use your time and the way you organize things and set your priorities go a long way in determining whether you would be successful or would fail at your endeavors. Most people at the top in almost all fields, such as business, entertainment, and sports, have one important thing in common: they are outstanding goal setters and managers.

Harrison states that irrespective of whether you want to be a leading politician, an amazing parent, the head of your company, the fastest athlete in the world, or simply happy at and fulfilled with what you do, you need certain scientific goal setting principles to achieve your goal. According to Harrison, the success of an individual, a company, and even an entire country depends on how well the goals are set. Yes, goal setting is this important!

Harrison states that the goals you set for yourselves do not just show you the direction in which you need to proceed but also motivate you to put in your best and realize your dreams. He talks about the importance of various aspects of goal setting and is surprised that there are no goal setting classes at school in spite of the importance of the subject.

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