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Never Get Too Comfortable

by seo on June 10, 2010

A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of Career Mission, as he advised you against getting too comfortable with your job and resting on your past laurels.

Harrison says that perhaps one of the greatest causes of failure is the success people experience in their careers. According to him, when you are given a new title, a raise, or a better position, you are often tempted to think that you have earned the right to relax. He says that although security and comfort are desirable and form a significant part of achieving your goals, if you focus on your comfort or bask in your success, you will stop growing.

When you begin to relax or let your guard down, your competition will easily sense this and will succeed in crushing you. Instead, when you see things going your way and are rewarded for your efforts, you should take this time of increased comfort and security as an outstanding opportunity for further growth. If you use this opportunity wisely, you will attract further success. After all, only when you show growth in your current position, will you be given a position of greater responsibility and a higher income.

Harrison gives a few examples to support his views and says that your past success has only given you the right to compete on the playing field that you are on right now. And, if you do not put up your best performance, you will become expendable. Therefore, in order to enjoy continued success, you need to always be on the move.

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